How to Hide Feature Image of Posts in WordPress?

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By default, many wordpress themes e.g. 2017 (twenty-seventeen) show the feature image on the top of the posts. The feature image is defined per post basis and is useful in displaying the thumbnails, but we don’t want to show it above the post. You could edit the template file, usually content.php and remove the corresponding […]

The Simple Counter Implementation in PHP

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The following is a simple counter implementation that is based on PHP, if you have a small site of low traffic, or you just want to have a very simple counter implemented in your page, and that does not need to be highly accurate. It works by reading the value from the counter text file […]

The Geo Contextual Widget of Amazon Associates

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The Amazon Associates allow you to place a contextual widget that shows best products to your visitors. Amazon uses big data and some undisclosed intelligent algorithms to determine which products are most likely to appeal to your visitors, which is similar to the adsense contextual ads units. However, since the visitors are from different locations […]