How Technological Advancements In Video Games Help In Learning

No matter what industry it is- fashion or gaming, technological advancements have always been impressive. From consoles to cloud platforms, video games have seen many perpetual changes. The simple Tetris game, with technological improvements, has now become head-twisting and tougher than before. While games help in reducing stress, how did they help in improving interpersonal skills?

A lot of studies also indicate that video games, if put to educational and therapeutic use can give tons of benefits. Games are more like an art and as far as educational context is concerned, video games can help in building focus as it will be tough to draw pupil’s attention. Rather than traditional learning methods, video games are way more appealing and enticing.

They taught you how to set specific goals, how to stay focused and how to be in a team. Games are designed in a way so that one can learn how to deal with a specific problem. They are motivating, engaging and interactive. Plus, they teach intellectual skills that can help outside the game-play.


It is also observed that children who enjoy video games are likely to have better social and intellectual skills than a non-gamer. They have better competence skill, improved learning skills and lot more as compared to the children who don’t play video games.


Some people think that games are only for those who don’t like being social, rather games help people to be social because there will be many players on the web competing with one another. They aids in improving brain’s functionality as well as empower mental health, reading speed, concentration, increase hand-eye coordination, visual acuity, peripheral vision and lot more.


Gaming is an art that teaches so many things that traditional learning methods cannot teach. They help in overcoming a child’s technophobia and aids in developing the IT skills. It boosts math skills as the child learn to calculate scores; it improves language skills like answering questions, discussing topics or visuals, following directions and much more. You can also visit Health IQ to quiz yourself on how video games affect the child’s interpersonal skills and help in building their brain.