Should I Get a B.S. Management Information or an M.S. Cyber Security?

There are thousands of great schools to choose from within the United States, all of which offer a wide variety of degrees. Many tech-savvy people who want to study find themselves torn between Maryville’s online Master’s in Cybersecurity degree, and a degree in management information systems from UAB. If you are trying to decide between trying to get a Master’s in MIS from UAB or a Master’s in Cybersecurity from Maryville, here are the ins and outs of both options.  

M.S. Cyber Security (online)

Graduates of the M.S. Cybersecurity degree can earn their diploma in as little as 18 months, and enter into a field that is calling for over 30,000 experts.

Students get to work with drones, wireless network security, and digital forensics. At Maryville, the M.S. Cybersecurity degree is taught in the school of business, therefore, in addition to getting a useful degree, students also develop a keen sense for business.

Core classes for this degree focus on subjects like training, monitoring, detection, investigation, policies, and evidence collection strategies. Students also learn to solve harmful viruses, network outages, and data compromises brought on by hackers.

M.S. Management Information Systems (online)

The M.S. Management Information Systems degree is offered as an online course with 24/7 technical support. This degree can be obtained within 4 years of study, and those who hold an M.S. MIS are welcomed into a rapidly growing career field.

Studying at UAB allows students to transfer from other accredited institutions easily and quickly. Students at UAB take classes that are related to business, accounting, analysis, marketing, and financial management. There are a total of 26 core classes to be taken by the student, and each one proves to be useful and interesting, with real world applications.  

These degrees are offered by highly-rated, reputable schools, and both degrees will open doors to various career opportunities. Having either one of these degrees allow for a well-paying job, ranging from $62,000 to $120,000 per year, and are in high demand within the working world, guaranteeing that you will always have career prospects.

Regardless of which degree students choose, there are great job opportunities and career advancements within these fields.