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The Role of Technology In Identifying Life Insurance Pre-Existing Conditions

Technology, no doubt has made our lives very easy. When it comes to life insurance, it has helped the insurers also. We are aware of the fact that before the insurers sell the insurance, they do some analysis. The person who needs the insurance is checked for the pre-existing conditions. Now, the thing that comes into the spotlight is, if you need a life insurance then you have to pass the medical exam. The insure hire an expert to handle testing and the tests are simple and can take place at your office or home.

Some essential medical tools are used during the medical exam to identify the pre-existing conditions. One of the tools is medical weighing scale and provides accurate readings. In fact, many are equipped to calculate the body mass index also. Another is sphygmomanometer, which is used to gauge the blood pressure of the individual. Portable finger blood pressure monitors are also used as they are equipped with the feature of an automatic inflation. Next tool that is used during the medical exam is stethoscope. It is used in detecting any abnormalities in the person.

Life insurance for pre-existing medical conditions certainly takes a lot of extra time because an underwriter examines each case. Please note that they also take your urine sample and EKG (often required for seniors). You also have to undergo saliva test, which is quite easy and it is done to check whether the applicant is a tobacco or drug user or is HIV positive. For instance, you can take this life insurance quiz by to know more about the pre-existing conditions that can raise your premiums. Here we have mentioned some pre-existing medical conditions that can affect your rates. The first one is diabetes, which is quite common; others are depression, communicable disease, heart, lungs, neurological, etc. You might be aware that your occupations, gender, age, hobbies, lifestyle choices, etc. can also affect your rates.

Well, the crucial thing that comes into play is how efficiently the technology works in identifying pre-existing conditions for the applicants who go through the medical exam. If you want to take more life insurance or a myriad of other quizzes, then you can browse